July 5, 2009, 4:22 pm
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Just got back from a lovely picnic with my best buds. The kiddles had their first encounter with a swing, which was awesome. I love watching them smile as they encounter something for the first time. I managed to catch it on video.

For Canada day we spent the day at the lake, where my grandmother lives. Every year they have a parade that everyone in town joins and then a big party follows. We were in charge of making the cake to be served to 400 people. It was hard to do with both kids demanding our attention, but it was worth it. Everyone was thrilled to see we finally had our babies. It was nice to feel so accepted.

Last week Billybean decided to start turning over like a mad man, and has been rolling all over the place since then. Laurenbean still hates rolling. She’s decided to scoot on her butt instead. I just know she’s going to get carpet burn.

We’re starting Billybean on rice cereal this week. He’s been too hungry for me to keep up with. Hoping this will fill him up a bit before bed.

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