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August 28, 2009, 8:07 pm
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I’ve been tagged by Tui over at Journey Towards Our Baby  for an honest scrap award. Yay! Tui and K are just starting IVF and really deserve a baby or two. They’re one of my only remaining readers, since I’ve neglected this blog for so long. I read their blog daily because Tui really has a way with words.

So, I am going to award ten of my favorite blogs, but I don’t expect them to notice, since I’ve been gone for so long 🙂

The following blogs keep me coming back for more, and deserve an honest scrap award:

1. Baybeasts

2. Desperately seeking baby

3. Finding chaos

4. Darwin has 2 mommies

5. Eat,poop,love

6. John and Steve are having a baby

7. Reproducing genius

8. Waiting for Mavis

9. love+love=marriage

10. Next in line

Ten honest things about me:

1. I search blogs for donorsiblings. Sometimes I see similarities between my kids and pics people post, and become obsessed. I search their blogs for clues. I found one this way!

2. I may have found our donor online.

3. I have OCD and I’m freaked out about death germs. I imagine things happening to my kids and can’t get the images out of my head.

4. I worry what people think of me. I can twist a single comment a hundred different ways.

5. I visit 68 blogs every day. I check my favorites several times a day. It’s part of my ocd.

6. I want a lot of kids, but I don’t want them to be like me.

7. I’m worried that I’ll end up like octomom.. That I’ll suddenly be really fertile, get pregnant 1st try every time and have like ten kids or something.

8. I’ve never questioned my sexuality.

9. I can’t smell skunk or marijuana.

10. I’m really bad at math.

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aww thanks! 🙂 we love your blog!! and do check on it regulary!! I cant beleive you are ttc again, yay, we will be doing it together! 🙂

Comment by Stacey

Have you heard of the donor sibling registry. My understanding is that you list your info and the donor number and then you have access to information on biological sibilings. Kind of cool.

Comment by Allison

Ignore that. I just scanned back through your blog and see that you talked about it in earlier posts. Sorry.

Comment by Allison

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